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Classic Group is proud to present AkthubaCityPark, the biggest real estate development project in the Volgograd Region. 

With over 1 million square meters of residential real estate, 200,000 square meters of commercial facilities, and a broad range of social infrastructure, the project is set to become a reference in integrated urban development in the South of Russia.

Designed with leading Western European Bureaus, the project will provide over 40,000 inhabitants with a superior living experience.

Beyond its ideal location, AkthubaCityPark combines the concepts of environment-friendly design and construction, with high quality yet affordable mixed use buildings of various typologies.

Distributed across different clusters, the constructions harmoniously create an ideal and self-contained living environment that alternates living spaces with green areas, social infrastructure, as well as commercial and leisure-oriented premises.

Volzhsky is a major industrial city with a growing population of over 300,000 inhabitants. It is located on the east bank of the Volga River, 20 kilometers northeast of Volgograd. In 2015, a new bridge and motorway will link Volzhsky to Volgograd, reducing the travel time between the centers of the two cities to about 20 minutes, from the current 60 minutes.

Compared to Volgograd, AkthubaCityPark and Volzhsky represent a greener alternative that combines all types of urban facilities with the more comfortable and family-oriented aspects of a smaller town, inspired by Western European integrated urban planning.

The design of the district breaks away from traditional Russian master plans, thanks also to the collaboration with the Dutch firm KCAP Architects and Planners, a well-known European architectural and urban planning bureau.

The construction itself leverages environment-friendly technologies and materials that are of higher quality and durability, especially if compared to other ongoing constructions within the same area. Thanks to Classic Group's expertise, the end result is a superior product that the local middle-class is able to afford and to enjoy for many generations to come.

AkthubaCityPark provides a wide range of social infrastructure objects: it integrates eight kindergartens, three schools , equipped with modern swimming pools and sports facilities, and numerous green walking and resting facilities. This type of integrated planning generates a higher sense of “belonging” and “identity” that invites for a higher respect of common areas.

AkthubaCityPark also offers top-quality commercial real estate that is developed by leveraging the expert advice of local market research companies and Knight Frank, a global leader in commercial real estate consulting.  The result is a mix of commercial infrastructure that answers both internal (inhabitants) and external demand. This translates into premises such as a Commercial Centre, Hotels, Expo and Office Centers, together with retail premises, fitness centers, private medical clinics, etc.